Happy Hotel Review

Happy Hotel is the second iOS game from Stockpile Studio, the same developer behind Cloud Castle. It is a free simulation game available on the App store since April 19, 2013.

Seemingly being a similar business sim as Cloud Castle, Happy Hotel does not inherit the same refreshing style. On the contrary, it nostalgically carries the attributes found in some of the earliest browser-based social simulation games, as in genre, gameplay and graphics.

The gameplay aims at being wholly casual and unchallenging. The hotel will be running on its own, and visitors who go to the hotel will pay you automatically. You just need to tap on the pop-up coin icons to collect the income. To receive more visitors requires building and upgrading all sorts of facilities in the hotel, like bedroom, restaurant, café, spa and so on. Building and upgrading facilities such as these, as well as expanding the resorts for more space will cost gold coins, all of which are funded by the hotel’s revenue generated from the visitors.

The basic rule is plain enough. As long as there are functional facilities in the hotel, the guests will come and your hotel will be generating profits. As it should be, there are several means to boost the gain. Decorations can be built in the yard and increase the income. When placed near a facility, a decorative item will add to the appeal of this particular facility and attracts more guests. Items like pillow, soft drink and magazine function in a similar manner. You can purchase these items with coins, and apply them to the corresponding facilities. From the tour center, you can organize a tour to other resorts to boost income as well. The coins rewarded shall depend on the tour duration.

In Happy Hotel, the developer has chosen a fairly prosaic subject with no illustrative storyline and very plain, retro-style visual presentation. It is by no means a shoddily made product though. The game features quite refined details like a dynamically changing environment, and you can actually see the “visitors” unpacking and packing as they enter and leave the bedroom. However, the graphics are in a style that looks not at all fancy and appealing. Since a Sim like this is all about expanding and customizing a hotel, wouldn’t it be a little sad that all your hard work turns out to be something that merely meets the eye?

The social features in this game allow finding a friend through ID or Name, and following his /her status. Through the Follow list, you can visit friends’ resorts and tip them as courtesy. Not so tempting indeed.

Happy Hotel provides an in-App purchase of Diamonds that can be used to accelerate constructions or purchase gold coins. Free diamonds can be obtained through finishing tasks and a series of activities that help to promote the game.