GolfStar Review

GolfStar is a 3D sports game developed by Com2uS behind Tiny Farm and Derby Days. Based on physics, it involves players in a realistic yet enjoyable golfing experience unseen before.

The beauty of 3D graphics doesn’t show noticeably beyond the customizable protagonists. Aside from the rotating perspectives and the detailed fountains and other surrounding stuff, few things could suggest that 3D visuals are involved. That was partially due to the large size of the courses in question and simple designs of the interface.

In this game, players follow the quests, challenge NPCs, obtain experience and level up to unlock more functions, including 10-player matches and other PVP modes. Those matches consist of several holes that players must all finish with fewer shots than their rivals to be victorious.

That principle applies to almost every golf game we could find, including the real-life ones. But the gameplay, at its heart, has little to do with golfing. What players do is charge the bottom bar for enough force and then swing their clubs – or to be specific, tap the button at right bottom. Similar mechanics could be found in games of various types, such as Crazy Penguin Wars and Go Fishing.

The tricky thing is, physics isn’t solely manifested in the way those balls fall onto the grassland. Each shot is subtly influenced by terrain height, ball impact angle, wind, temperature, humidity, and more factors. Therefore, although the game saves players the trouble of adjusting their targets all the time, it requires lots of other efforts for achieving perfect strokes. For example, they sometimes need to use power-ups or expert playing skill to enhance their performance.

The competitions with friends or random players turn out to be a perfect balance between realistic playing and entertaining gaming: players neither have to watch their competitors to swing every time nor go ignorant of other players’ performance till the end of the matches. They simple play their own part and probably notice the balls from their rivals near the holes. And the ones who finish the holes first would watch their followers play.

The number of matches against NPCs and real players is limited by how many hearts you’ve got. And the heart system, similar to the stamina mechanics in many social games, is the major profitable content in the game. Other items within the reach of micro-transactions include and power-ups and advanced clubs while sportswear of all kinds, balls and more could also be purchased using the GPs that players obtain through the matches.