Fish Out of Water! Review

Fish Out of Water! is a causal ocean-themed throwing game from Halfbrick, a creative team behind classic games like Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride. Featuring amazingly beautiful graphics, dulcet background music as well as simple and fun gameplay, the game has the capability to draw in gamers of all ages and create another big splash with the interesting array of cute maritime creatures.

Just as earthbound human beings have long delved into the scheme of nature to realizing the dreams of soaring high into the sky (even flying through universe) and diving underwater thousands leagues deep, fishes (and also other sea creatures) cherish a romantic dream too. They are wishing to know what it is like to fly in the sky, even not so far, even just for several fleeting moments. In reality, very few of them are endowed with such privileges, but in Fish Out of Water, you may help a lot of them to shake up the bondage of gravity a little bit to realize their flying dream, with a simple yet magical sling.

How could you just stand by when you see what amazing creatures these sea creatures are? The chunkiest member in your team is a blue whale that has got an ironic moniker–Micro; the red goldfish is nicknamed Rocket, and deservedly so, because if you give him an upward and forward sling, he will not disappoint you in the height he may gain; the purple dolphin is called Finlay, who is capable of going relatively longer distance with a decent number of skips; then comes the adorable gray fish called The Brothers, who doesn’t get his name for nothing, as you will find later on that even if he cannot go as far and dive as many times as others, he is quick to gather his brothers during his showtime; Errol is the pointy fish who cutely somersaults all his way forward; the yellow one Olympus has no special stunt, but generally he does equally well in both distance and skips. Not only are your team member pretty charming, the crab judges, the clam commentator and your crab guide are also full of personality. The guide can be noticed at a glimpse, because it is wearing a pair of black-rimmed glasses, indicating his profound knowledge. The commentator never falls short of incisive comments on the team’s performance. And the crab judges have different focuses and characteristics, resulting in varied scores. For instance, your team may sometimes get an exasperatingly low score from the cynical crab, but when your team is really doing well, even he would not begrudge his scores.

When you see the shapely body of your fishes, dolphin and whale elegantly flying in the air between skips against an exquisite maritime backdrop, your joy will surely double, because you are not only helping a bunch of lovely creatures as a powerful director/coach, you are basking in incredible natural beauties at the same time. Your team is a colorful array per se, and the ocean, sand and weather are depicted with finesse in a realistic manner. The blue ocean rippling with undulating waves, distant hills capped with clouds, and nearby smooth beach as well as the vast sky all take on a different appearance according to the weather. On a sunny day, the whole world is tainted with a golden hue, with the sun glowing a welcoming gold, the sky being a shade of blue, and the sea billowing like soft silk, while during thunderstorm, glim casts a pall over everything– dark clouds cloak the whole sky which is occasionally split by glaring lightning and fast-paced raindrops make millions of ripples on the ocean surface. Whatever the weather is like, your team will never fail to move you with the vigor of their dreams. They are making constant attempts to jump out of water, trying to stay a second in the air. It is really touching to see them doing so.

Though the beautiful ocean is inviting and your lovely team is a pleasure to behold, you shall not forget the weight on your shoulders. You are here to help them realize their dream of flying! The mechanism is really simple but it delivers unusual fun. There are lots and lots of quests for you to do, ranging from collecting 10 boosties, slowing to the target speed and staying there for 15 seconds, to making a designated fish to do 20 skips and more. The game keeps these tasks slightly varied, so that even what you do is always pulling a fish out of water and slinging it forward, you need to pay attention to your slinging strategy in accordance with individual quest and fish. To gain a level, you must have to complete 3 tasks, each of which may consist of different number of throwing rounds according to your accuracy. And each round is made up of three throws. During each throw, the fish, dolphin or whale may get some boosties when out of water. A boost bar is arranged at the top of the interface, showing the amount of collected boosts. Tapping on the bar will give the creature in action additional strength, so that it may go further and do more skips. Once in a while, your fish may land on a jellyfish which is a great bounding platform, enabling your fish to go further. Talking of distance, there is a buoy every ten meters, letting you know your position any time. The skips and distance of each throw are all recorded and added automatically. When three rounds are over, you get scores from the five crab judges as well as an average score. The challenge is you cannot level up until you have finished all the three tasks. But when you do manage to go through them, the reward can be really enticing: you get crystals which can be synthesized into more powerful boosts, like adding 20 skips and 50 meters etc.