Eden to Green Review

Eden to Green, created by iNiS and published by Zynga, is a new tower defense game for iOS and Android. Unlike many other games of its kind, this game asks you not only to defend but also to expand.

The battles take place between plants and machines in the world of Eden. Your top priority is to defeat the machines and restore green in the barren lands occupied by them. When the whole land is revitalized, and a world of flourish plants and flowers comes into being, you will be crowned as the ultimate champion.

This game provides two separate lands: the west Eden and the east Eden. The former is available now with the latter expected to be coming soon. In the west Eden there are four scenarios for the moment, namely Dusteen Canyon (day and night), and Aquarius Island (day and night). Scenarios featuring volcanoes are also coming soon. Each scenario consists of nine or ten stages. You have to clear them one by one orderly so that the rest can be unlocked.

The weapons at your disposal are a bunch of plants good at defending or offending or whatsoever. The plants take the form of cards, which can be divided into five categories by color: green, blue, red, and orange in addition to special card plants. Different categories signify different features. You have to weigh and keep a balance of them to increase your chance of winning. For example, green card plants not only spread green but also generate Euphoria, which is very crucial to sustaining and increasing plants. Blue ones are good at defending while red ones are better at attacking. As a result, before a battle begins, you have to make strategic decisions as to how to deploy your plants when the slots are limited.

The gameplay is very simple. First a tree symbolizing life drops from the clouds and plants itself in the middle of the barren area. You tap and drag your plants to battles. Some are used to spread green while some to sweep the enemies standing in the way. The plants in battle will unleash their skills automatically when the time is right. Every time you win, you will be rewarded with some EXPs, coins and other goodies. The coins are needed to harvest, clone, and evolve plants. If defeated, you have to start over. For more details, you just have to experience in person.

Despite the fact that Eden to Green bears some resemblance to Plants vs. Zombies, Eden to Green takes quite some new elements. First, Eden to Green is a turn-based game for the sake of the players’ convenience. The developer explains that such a setting gives players a moment to think about their moves. But in my opinion, this raises another question: won’t it make this game less challenging? Also, the prompts that keep popping out to display the turns are kind of annoying. It seems that a continuous battle is disrupted from time to time. Second, Eden to Green adopts social elements. It allows you to add friends on Facebook and then borrow plants from them in urgent times. Additionally, a world ranking list is provided so that you’ll know your place and what other players have accomplished. This makes the game highly interactive and inspiring.

Another difference lies in its freemium mode. You’ll find many occasions when you are allured to spend real money. For instance, you can’t play the game as many times as you want. It’s all up to the action energy indicated at the top right corner of the screen. It takes ten points of action energy to start a battle and ten minutes to produce one point. The long replenishment process is rather depressing once you run out of the action energy. If you’re not patient enough to wait, you have to pay to bypass the time waiter.

You will also see some “technical” elements in this game. You are allowed to clone and enhance the plants. Clone increases the number of a plant and enhancement makes a plant evolve to a more powerful version. Again, this is not a free deal. It consumes certain materials, which can either be found in the game or purchased in real money. So in some sense, this game is a tradeoff between patience and money.

Eden to Green features an exquisite art style. All the objects are vividly rendered thanks to the stunning 3D graphics. The personified plants take on bright colorful looks. Prepare to be amazed: a pair of pointy ears, a cute mustache, a chic hat and so on. Those are what you’ll find in them. They may sway gently in the breeze, smile, nod or dodge and shake when the enemy is coming close. The motions are remarkably true to life. Relatively, the machines are depicted in monotonous colors. But they are not that obnoxious; instead, some of them will remind you of the famous robot WALL-E. When the battle ends in favor of you and the old withered tree comes to life, you’ll see the green spreads through the land slowly and colorful butterflies fly gently around against the backdrop of a clear blue sky. Can you imagine what a wonderful world that will be? All in all, the visual effects of Eden to Green are truly impressive!